Human Inferno – To Piss Warm And Drink Cold LP

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Experimental electronica from Human Inferno ‎via iDEAL Recordings (album sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: Human Inferno
Title: To Piss Warm And Drink Cold
Format: Vinyl 12″

Label: iDEAL recordings
Cat nr: iDEAL215
Genre: Experimental electronica


A1 Pharoah Downpressor
A2 Locust
A3 Liquid Breakfast
A4 At War
A5 Derbyshire Collision
A6 Brexit Rid`em
A7 Maleficium

For anyone keeping a keen eye on these pages in the past 10 years, Human Inferno may be feared and regarded for a 2013 split with Lasse Marhaug on Sonmoi that still sounds like nothing else.
‘To Piss Warm And Drink Cold’ is their feral return after interim sides with Weltschmerz Verlag and Entr’acte, unleashing a torrent of possessed hardware grot and gunk that knows no chill. It is equally applicable to the scuzziest clubs and ritual bedroom practices with a sort of DIY spirit that resonates the mentation electronics of Fortress Crookedjaw (Black Mecha/Wold/Fauchion), the blasted-mind styles of Black Zone Myth Chant or the grotesqueries of The Body, but with an ogre- in-the-basement quality that the band can safely claim as their own.

Very loose traces of anglophilic behaviour lurk in their manipulation of raw dub elements and the coarsest noise, as well as track titles such as ‘Derbyshire Collission’ and ‘Brexit Rid’em’, intersecting naturally Norwegian leanings toward BM recordings virtues and pure noise in a manner that places them in very good company among iDEAL’s roster. It serves a frankly filthy good time, descending from the bestial growl of ‘Locust’ to a spannered 16 minutes of slurred power electronics ‘Yout’ via prongs of electro-dub like the iDEALIST jamming with BZMC over a pack of special brew on ‘Liquid Breakfast’, or going on like Liquid G meets Vox Populi in the hobbled trot of ‘Derbyshire Collission’, and hopping like Tory lizards adopting their true form in the scaly ragga- noise-techno beast of ‘Brexit Rid’em’.

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