Jonas Palm & P-O Lundqvist – Remote Jazz LP

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Future-jazz from Jonas Palm & P-O Lundqvist via Djuring Phonogram/Börft Records (Audio clips from a digital source)


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Artist: Jonas Palm & P-O Lundqvist
Title: Remote Jazz
Format: Vinyl 12″

Label: Börft Records/Djuring Phonogram
Cat nr: dp 18
Genre: Jazz/Future-jazz


A1 Afternoon At The Loggia 10:42
A2 Rain In Berlin – Part 2 8:49
B Sunset Rising In A Space Craft 18:05

-“Swedish electronic pioneer Jonas Palm with fellow saxophonist P-o Lundqvist
take you on a journey where deep mellow eletronics meet dreamy almost
romantic saxophone improvisations, rendering a ambient soundtrack resembling
the dystopian yet slightly sensual future (where it always rains) depicted in
certain classic sci-fi flicks. Unlike some previous Synthesator albums which
immerse in the soundscapes of modular systems this one is more of a electro
acoustic movie soundtrack where man and machines slowdance together, like tears
in the rain.” – dj Joakim Cosmo

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