Kanot – Textile Fantasies LP

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Electronica and psych from Kanot via Höga nord rekords (album sampler from digital source, 1 min form each song)


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Artist: Kanot
Title: Textile Fantasies

Format: 12″ vinyl
Label: Höga nord 
Cat nr: HNRLP029
Genre: Kraut/Psych


A1 Mygg
A2 Bottenmannen
A3 Kitteln
A4 Ping Pong
A5 Nectar Eyes
B1 Ama’s Run
B2 La Danse Des Corneilles
B3 Din Förevigt (Feat. Virginia And The Flood)
B4 Tropik
B5 Tjällassen

The defenders of psych-funk, Kanot are back with their first full length album on Höga Nord Rekords. “Textile Fantasies” is an interdimensional groove voyage to a parallel universe where the nineties never happened.

The beginning of the A-side represents the peaceful nature romantic side of Kanot where guitar licks are dancing like swarming mosquitoes round your head. You’re being onboard a canoe, in the early summer on Säveån, a river on the Swedish west coast. “Textile Fantasies” develops into a more dramatic scenery as the droning feeling in the tracks give way to more beat orientated music. Kanot is slowly approaching the city as the album goes on.
Every sound on the record is thoroughly picked and placed in the mix. Like laying a jigsaw puzzle, Anton Kolbe puts down the virtuoso contributions of Jesper Jarold, building a dynamic and playful soundscape. Every song is pleasant in it’s own way and contributes to broaden the Kanot-universe.



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