Matt Carlson / Jason E. Anderson – Dissociative Synthesis LP

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Experimental electronica from Matt Carlson / Jason E. Anderson via UFO Mongo/Börft Records (Audio clips from a digital source)


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Artist: Matt Carlson / Jason E. Anderson
Title: Dissociative Synthesis
Format: Vinyl 12″

Label: Börft Records/UFO Mongo
Cat nr: UFO MONGO 024
Genre: Experimental electronica


A1 Matt Carlson Mycelium
A2 Matt Carlson Thrinaxodon
A3 Matt Carlson Medusozoa
B1 Jason E. Anderson Forest Cloaking Method
B2 Jason E. Anderson Vulnerability Management Program
B3 Jason E. Anderson Arthritides
B4 Jason E. Anderson Treats For Cartoon Mice
B5 Jason E. Anderson Young’s Modulus
B6 Jason E. Anderson The Magical Number Seven ±2

Modular synth experiments at a crazy but yet beautiful level. Matt recently released his debut-album at Draft (check it out!). Jason is known for his quality labels Gift & Draft. Also have a bunch of great tape/vinyl releases on different names. Lim ed 500x

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