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Big beat, experimental rock and leftfield from Mythologen via Höga Nord Rekords. (Audio clip from digital)


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Artist: Mythologen
Title: Mythologen
Format: 12″ vinyl
Label: Höga Nord Rekords
Cat nr: HNRLP009
Genre: Big beat/experimental rock/leftfield

Alexander Palmestål was fifty procent of the electro duo Pistol Disco – a band that during the 00’s bustled around in the music scene of Gothenburg and became known for having a certain sound and for their unpredictable and often magical live shows. The later incarnation of the band took a step away from the German 70’s influences to move towards a more club friendly universe. In 2015 the band released the 7” ”Goo/Pool” on Höga Nord Rekords which was their last release and now Palmestål, under the name Mythologen, make a release on Höga Nord Rekords. Mythologen continues building on the foundations that Pistol Disco and Palmestål’s other band Iberia was made upon. The songs on this album named “Mythologen” is the perfect combination of the fragility and melancholy of Iberia and Pistol Disco’s monotony and drive. Underneath layers of dreamy, free floating synthesizers and restrained yet steady drumbeats lies muffled melodies waiting for the air to be let in. And then, all of a sudden the clouds disappear and the sunlight is beaming down over the music, like on the closing track “Brighter Summer Day”. In other songs on the album the darkness is more present, embodied by polyrhythmic tribal drums giving the music weight and suggestion. “Mythologen” is the soundtrack for recovering from a depression. The album seduces the whole spectrum of your moodswings, eliminates your ego and moves your focus from the past to the future.

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A1 Jungle Beats 5:54
A2 Gone 5:30
A3 13 5:34
A4 Praise 5:55
B1 Ily 4:58
B2 Birdsong ft. Merely 5:28
B3 Gold 3:32
B4 Brighter Summer Day 6:14

Limited edition of 300 copies.

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