Olle Oljud – 27/28 (7″ coloured vinyl)

9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)

Drone/Noise from Olle Oljud via Lamour Records

Artist: Olle Oljud
Title: 27/28
Label: Lamour Records
Format: 7″ marble red vinyl
Cat nr: lamourvin002
Genre: Drone/Noise

Lamour records proudly presents composer and visual artist Olle Oljud, one of the most beloved artists in Sweden’s experimental music sphere.

The beautiful two-coloured vinyl shows in a small way the diversity of Olle, on one side minimal wobbling feedback and on the other a hard wall of cacophony.
Also included is a unique acrylic painting, limited and numbered to 250 ex.

Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Design and art by Jaragak (Olle Oljud)

Review from Vital Weekly #913
Something different is the 7″ by Olle Oljud, ‘one of the most beloved artists in Sweden’s experimental music sphere’, as Lamour says – although I never heard of him. His record is split in two opposing sides. One side is very noisy, not unlike the sort of noise produced by Dr Jayne Insane, but it seems more straight forward, more indeed like a harsh noise wall of some kind, even when it has a bit more variation. It’s alright, but the better piece is on the other side, which is nicely subdued and far away, remotely humming away. No doubt this is also a slab of noise when it would be ‘normalized’, but it would loose easily some of it’s edge in the bumpy bass region. Quite a nice 7″ on colored vinyl. (FdW)

Review from Noise Receptor
The first side presents ’27 minimal’ which does not take too much of a stretch of the imagination to discern that this particular composition is minimalist in style.  Here the minimalist focused composition aims towards a series electronic hums and drones.  The track contains occasional ‘cut up’ stylistic textures which are also mixed with oscillating frequencies, which gradually build in intensity over its 7 minute length.  Overall ’27 minimal’  manages to be equally sharp yet subdued in tone, where it textural electronics creates a ‘swarm of wasps’ type sonic atmosphere. The track also balances a sound which feels partly controlled and partly improvised. excerpt, see the whole review here


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