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Techno from One (Tobias von Hoffsten) at Kontra Musik (Audio sampler from digital version)


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Artist: One
Title: Have A Heart
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Kontra Musik
Cat nr: km003
Genre: Techno


A1 Deep Thought
A2 Sexmachine
B1 Kontrafunk
 ONE aka Tobias von Hofsten, springs from a generation of talented Swedish producers, along side producers like Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer, that in the mid nineties defined the typical Swedish/Stockholm techno sound. The music was hard and fast and even though Tobias was involved in the scene he soon took a different musical path.
In 1999 he went to Detroit for the first time. The goal was to attend the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) and experience the music that he loved on location. He visited the Submerge building and spent valuable time with people like Mad Mike and Ron Murphy. On his return to Stockholm and Sweden, Tobias musical path was clearer than ever. Funk was now more important to Hofsten than beating out hard kicks, and classics like “I Love My 808” and “Swinger” was the result. Tobias later became ONE, and set out to be the messenger of machine funk he is today.
Have a Heart is the result of a producer who puts all of his heart into his music. The first track, Deep Thought, produced a couple of years back, is full proof of this. Kick, bass line, piano stab and a drum programming from above, together turns into one of the funkiest pieces of music ever to be pressed onto vinyl. If punk music is reduced, straight forward and efficient rock music, Deep Thought is reduced, straight forward and efficient dance music.
The second track on the a-side, Sexmachine, is raw, distorted and compressed, but at the same time a very delicate techno track. If funk is sex, Sexmachine is machine funk. The b-side and the track Kontrafunk is Tobias von Hofstens most recent creation. Still the production is all analog. As a typical Tobias von Hofsten produced track, Kontrafunk only contains what is necessary for maximal effect. A broken beat, a simple but efficient bass line and a reverb drenched dub delay is all that is needed for the truly talented to create music that lasts.
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