Scott Monteith ‎– Qawwali Quatsch

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Ambient and drone from Scott Monteith via Field Records (Audio clip from digital version)

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Artist: Scott Monteith
Title: Qawwali Quatsch
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Field Records
Cat nr: FIELD24
Genre: Ambient/Drone


A1 Ghazal 1 5:03
A2 Ghazal 2 3:57
A3 Ghazal 3 4:24
A4 Ghazal 4 4:42
B1 Ghazal 5 4:24
B2 Ghazal 6 2:54
B3 The Unveiling Of The Veiled 5:27
B4 Ghazal 7 5:10

“Qawwali is an Islamic spiritual music popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It’s traditionally ritualistic, created by a troupe of musicians (or “party”) for group participation. Vocals are fundamental. One singer leads a qawwali party, which comprises several vocalists, tabla and dholak percussionists and harmonium players. Qawwali music is designed to rouse its audience into a state of ecstasy or trance through progressive repetition and improvised rhythms. It can be quite exuberant, joyous and endearing—even for a secular Westerner watching clips on YouTube.

That’s what inspired Qawwali Quatsch, Scott Monteith’s 11th album and the first under his given name. It’s his interpretation of qawwali music, using a cut-up studio approach more fitting of the dub technician’s own work as Deadbeat. But Qawwali Quatsch sees Monteith step out of his comfort zone, moving deep into the dense, ruminative pieces. It’s not traditional qawwali, hence the self-deprecating “quatsch” (German for “nonsense”).”

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