Slim Vic 5x vinyl (bundle)

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Bundle with 5 vinyl from Slim Vic

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Artist: Slim Vic 
Title: Bundle with 5x vinyl
• Slim Vic – Habrovink EP (white vinyl)
• Slim Vic – Brain Mash
• Slim Vic – Bärsärk EP (coloured vinyl)
• Slim Vic – Petter B / Nihad Tule remixes
• GUF – GUF4LIFE – Slim Vic remix
Format: Vinyl
Cat nr: lamourvin001 / lamourvin004 / lamour011vin / lamour018vin / lamour031vin
Genre: Ambient/Dark Ambient/Techno/Experimental
Habrovink EP
Lamours first vinyl record. Slim Vic – Habrovink EP on white vinyl. The record has previously been released digital but on this record can be found Habrovink part 1 & 2 in longer vinyl versions.
Limited to 250 copies.

Brain Mash
Brain Mash is a terrifying journey into Slim Vics somewhat odd hypno musical world. The work on the debut album started five years ago when he, without permission successfully recorded the sound of Franz Schubert’s piano, the same piano that several classical masterpiece’s was written on nearly 200 years ago. The untuned sounds then became the foundation for Brain Mash, where the surreal sound realms both attracts and frightens the listener.
Limited to 250 copies.

Bärsärk EP
Deep dark industrial ambient. A slowly evolving soundscape with boiling buzzing sounds, resonating through the dark world.
The berserk was perhaps one of the world’s best fghters, which in Old Norse time sworn allegiance to the Norse god Odin. Before a battle Berserkers excited each other up and occurred in bearskin or wolf skin, hence the word berserk. In the beginning of the battle they performed exceptionally talented, indifferent battlers, but in close combat they fell into berserk. Then they howled like wild beasts, probably to frighten the enemy and incite their comrades and themselves, and then get into rages. A berserk in battle were said not to bother about any injuries, and was therefore until the enemy, or they died.
Limited to 250 copies.

Talong / Force Majeure remixed
2 dark ambient tracks by Slim Vic transformed into epic technobangers from two of Swedens most prominent technoproducers, Petter B and Nihad Tule.

GUF – GUF4LIFE – Slim Vic remix
Traditional folk music from Belgium, performed by swedish youngsters, met by art music with inspiration from the DJ-culture.
During the fall of 2015, GUF (Gävleborgs Ungdoms Folkband) released an album called “GUF4LIFE” where one of it’s songs got the DJ & Composer Slim Vic to react. The rain drenched sounds in the original composition worked as the fundament for two different musical journeys, signed by Slim Vic.
Part 1, is a varying composition that take the listener in and out of club music, ambient and the original tracks folk music.
Part 2, is a very dystopic world of sounds clearly on the border of art music.

Slim Vic is one of Swedens leading innovator of the DJ and turntable culture. With one foot in the urban club music and the other in arts music he combines the different worlds and constantly moving the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible with the traditional and proven context.

Slims performances range from Berlin’s experimental streets to packed stands when one of Sweden’s best hockey teams Brynäs have home games in Gavlerinken arena.
From soul-filled hotelllbars and lounges to art galleries and festivals in Europe’s capitals.
All with the same energy, joy and immersion with the desire to create the ultimate musical experience for the visitors.

Behind the name Slim Vic hides Viktor Zeidner (b. 1981) from Gävle. Viktor runs the club and record label Lamour. Member of improband Hawaii, metalband Dieselkopf, active in the visual team Deadpixel & resident VJ for SQ. Between 2006-2013, Viktor manage IDKA, Institute of Digital Arts.

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