Tyler Friedman – Revolve 12″

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Techno & house from Tyler Friedman with remix by Jonsson/Alter via Kontra Musik. (audio sampler from digital source)


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Artist: Tyler Friedman 
Title: Revolve
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Kontra Musik
Cat nr: km026
Genre: House/Techno/Experimentel


A1 Revolve
B1 Tyler’s Dream (A Jonsson & Alter Remix)

Remix – Jonsson/Alter

In November, less than a year ago, talented Californian newcomer Tyler Friedman blew the Kontra-Musik office away with his demo. Now the first EP of two has arrived and techno again feels wild and refreshing.
Tyler’s music is very much about drama. He is a musician that always pushes himself to the limit of his skills. And even beyond that. Compositions and arrangements continuously move and transform. This is music that demands the full attention of the listener. If given – the experience is well worth the effort.
On the debut track Revolve dramatic layers of melodic and harmonic “noize” rise and fall in and out of a very dynamic composition. Sound textures flies and vibrates over advanced minimal rhythmical structures and sub bass before vanishing to give room for something new. This is techno that takes the listener away from linear composition; this is techno with strong will to move the genre in new directions and break away from the club norm. Or as Tyler chooses to describe it: – An initial attempt at a slight turn of the wheel, without straying too far from home…

On the b-side label mates Jonsson & Alter transforms Tyler´s take on dancemusic into a dreamy hallucination. For over eleven minutes Jonsson & Alter extracts bass sounds and gliding tonal textures of the originals and takes us on a deep and very trippy journey into Taxi Driver territory. Suitable the remix is called Tylers´s Dream. And we just love it.


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