Various – Megafon (2×12″)

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Compilation with various artist from Diskodans recordings (Audio sampler from digital version)

Artist: Various
Title: Megafon
Format: 2×12″ vinyl
Label: Diskodans
Cat nr: diskodans001
Genre: House/electronica/Drum n bass

A1 – Michael Mereborg – Succé
A2 – Pellegrosso – Gargamels Gargle Blaster
A3 – P. Jokinen – Vestre Gran Ved Randsfjorden
B1 – Kentomen – Orienteraren feat Pelle Elfström
B2 – The Fruitfakes – Fromage Royale (P. Jokinen Cheezy Dub)
B3 – Pellegrosso – Future Sound Dub
C1 – Kentomen – How To Fly
C2 – Pellegrosso – Ulek Mayang
C3 – Kentomen – Rainy Days
D1 – Michael Mereborg – Sing Loud and Produliest
D2 – The Fruitfakes – Orange (LEHNBERG Remix)
D3 – Nocturne – Beckoning Whispers

Mastering by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)

“There is so much we have done, so many different local talent and music producers, and so much knowledge out there”
It was somewhere there and with those thoughts everything started. A simple thought that materialize to an idea and from there to something energetic. We started to brainstorm on releasing a vinyl record. We took it from there.
In June 2017 Diskodans recordings are releasing a limited double gatefold vinyl disc with electronic music producers from the cold landscape of Gästrikland, Sweden. It is the first in a series of upcoming vinyl releases in 2017.

The name Megafon was a obvious choice. The electronic dance music club Megafon was arranged by Petri Jokinen and Christian Stjernström and were established in Sandviken and Gävle between 1997 and 2000. The local connection to the release must go hand in hand with all the artists who contributed to the club Megafon scene over the years. On the vinyl we find many of them returning to the electronic music scene.
Michael Mereborg, Pellegrosso, Kenneth Eriksson, P. Jokinen, Jimmy Koskinen, The Fruitfakes and many more are featured on the release.

Megafon is the first in a line of releases from Diskodans recordings. Where dancing, joyfulness and the northern music producers of Scandinavia will, once again, be at the top of their game.

Limited to 100 copies.
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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0,7 cm
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