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  • PRO424 – Before Immunity LP + download

    17,99 (Outside EU: 14,39)
    Synth and electronica with a touch of kraut and techno from PRO424 via Lamour Records (audio clips from digital source)
  • Roya – Hive LP

    22,00 (Outside EU: 22,00)
    Synthwave from Roya via eshqi records (Audio sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Simian Mobile Disco – Murmurations LP

    29,99 (Outside EU: 23,99)
    Experimental melodic techno from Simian Mobile Disco via Wichita/Pias (Audio sample from digital source)
  • Jon Hopkins – Singularity LP

    21,99 (Outside EU: 17,59)
    Experimental melodic techno and ambient from Jon Hopkins via Domino (Audio sample from digital source)
  • Experimental electronica from Your Planet Is Next via Gröna Stugans Väg (sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)
  • Ambient from Knivtid ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital source)
  • Cassy X Art Alfie – Bondebeats EP 12″

    12,99 (Outside EU: 10,39)
    Tech House from Cassy X Art Alfie ‎via Kwench Records (Audio clip from digital versions)
  • Matt Karmil – Tell Me Why 12″

    9,99 (Outside EU: 7,99)
    House from Matt Karmil via Studio Barnhus (Audio clips from digital version)
  • Nabihah Iqbal – Weighing Of The Heart LP

    25,99 (Outside EU: 20,79)
    Electronic pop from Nabihah Iqbal via Ninja Tune (Audio sample from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Mark Pritchard – The Four Worlds LP

    24,99 (Outside EU: 19,99)
    IDM and ambient from Mark Pritchard via Warp Records (Audio sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Electro from The Other People Place via Warp Records (Audio sampler from digital version, 1 min from each song)
  • Moby – Play: The B Sides 2×12″

    35,99 (Outside EU: 28,79)
    Leftfield electronica and breakbeat from Moby via Little Idiot (Audio sampler from digital version)