HOT COP / D.R.U.M.S. – Adequate Listening, vol I (cassette)

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House, electro and Skwee from HOT COP & D.R.U.M.S. via Sleeze Tapes

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Artist: HOT COP / D.R.U.M.S.
Title: Adequate Listening, vol I
Format: C66 Cassette
Label: Sleeze Tapes
Cat nr: SLZ001
Genre: House/Electro/Skwee

A1 .HOT COP – Mantrap 04:31
A2 .HOT COP – Rimini Bum 03:51
A3 .HOT COP – Narkotikatipset 04:31
A4 .HOT COP – Leather Dowdy 04:02
A5 .HOT COP – Endless Summer Taco Truck 05:07
A6 .HOT COP – Cryptid Currency 05:13
A7 .HOT COP – Chinatown Throwdown 05:20
B1 .D.R.U.M.S. – Knock Knock (Dawn Raid) 01:20
B2 .D.R.U.M.S. – Are You Down? 04:32
B3 .D.R.U.M.S. – Wake Up 00:51
B4 .D.R.U.M.S. – In The Zone 03:05
B5 .D.R.U.M.S. – Leave Us Alone 02:50
B6 .D.R.U.M.S. – Illusion #1 02:48
B7 .D.R.U.M.S. – Dreams Of The Desert 03:46
B8 .D.R.U.M.S. – Illusion #2 03:12
B9 .D.R.U.M.S. – Strange Streets 01:52
B10 .D.R.U.M.S. – Escape Plan 05:21
B11 .D.R.U.M.S. – Flushed 02:50

Long time Stockholm scene-lurkers HOT COP and D.R.U.M.S. team up on this professionally printed C66 split tape, limited to 75 hand-numbered copies guaranteed to sleeze you out.For the A side, HOT COP supplies a serving of slightly askew modular-infused DAWless one-shot live takes, subconsciously outlining an imaginary Windy City of yesteryear, where hip-house influentials like Tyree mingle with Mantronix while Bobby O wets his lips suggestively in the background as a break battle unfolds. This is the recording debut of HOT COP.

On the flip side, D.R.U.M.S. embarks on a thematic midnight odyssey spanning from beat-driven electro funk with a melancholic tint to the cinematic borderlands of italo giallo. D.R.U.M.S. is rooted in the Scandinavian mid-00’s skweee scene, with previous releases on the genre-defining Flogsta Danshall and the Norwegian Dødpop label, as well as notable productions for underground hip-hop acts like Stockholmssyndromet and Long Island MC Smoovth.

The term ”adequate listening” stems from music theorist Theodor Adorno (1903-1969), who describes the effort to properly listen to music as a work of resistance and a spiritual obligation in a time where listening has become, and is being promoted as, a fragmented activity.

Auto-reverse is social critique.

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