LEHNBERG – Namah (Cassette)

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Poly rhythmic broken beat electronica from LEHNBERG.  108 hand numbered cassette tapes.
On the B-side you find a 30 min ambient remix on Namah by Slim Vic


Title: Namah
Label: Lamour
Format: Limited edition c-60 cassette tape in 108 hand numbered copies.
Cat nr: lamour029kz
Genre: Electronica, Broken Beat, Ambient

David Lehnberg has been around releasing music under different names and in as many genres as there are letters in his name.

Just as LEHNBERGs debut EP ’False Idols’, was heavily influenced by visiting South African native tribes to expand his rhythmic mind, ’Namah’ stems from different recordings, meetings and ideas of philosophy in and around various countries in Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia and China, which David toured during the summer of 2015.

The kaleidoscopic and poly percussive rhythms are still precent, but there are a different kind of instrumentation presented in a creative way. Harps, various string instruments and gongs gets smeared, cut up and given new life, often serving as a mesmerizing puzzling pulse, all with LEHNBERGs trademark harmonic sense behind the steering wheel.

Upon returning home, David invited his friend, the blues and soul vocalist ; Louise Lemón to add vocals on the song ’J’.

With a new focus and aim this release marks another step towards the unknown creativity of LEHNBERG, where he goes next is anybodies guess.

This limited edition c-60 cassette tape in 108 hand numbered copies also contains an exclusive 30 minute ambient remix of ‘Namah’ by Slim Vic.

Side A
1. Soldag
2. Mal K Mini
3. Namah
4. J
5. Vedius

Side B
1. Namah (Slim Vic Ambient Remix)



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