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Drömjournalen – In Visione Som En Eld I Stenkol

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Dark Wave & Electronica from Drömjournalen via Zeon Light. (audio sampler from digital version)



In stock

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Artist: Drömjournalen
Title: In Visione Som En Eld I Stenkol
Format: Cassette tape

Label: Zeon Light
Cat nr: 082
Genre: Dark Wave/Electronica

Drömjournalen is a two-man collaboration housed by the legendary Studio Chanslös in Gårda, Gothenburg. Their mix of Magische Sachlichkeit and Dark Wave engages non-duality, mathematic ecology, and ready-at-hand psychonautic machinery. Drömjournalen is the limbonic domain connecting the rationalist engineering paradigm with spiritual or magical esoterism.
The main rehearsal line-up consists of digital synthesizer, electric guitar, speech synthesis and programmed beats. Drömjournalen utilizes a diverse flora of looping tools, mainly serial looping pedals connected to every sound source.
Although Drömjournalen is designed to be a live outfit, studio postproduction is also a creative component in the Drömjournalen aesthetic ecology.

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