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Düsseldorf by Night – Images for Tape cassette

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EAM/Electronica from Düsseldorf by Night at Lamour Records. Limited exclusive cassette with artwork by Esa Tanttu
(audioclip/album sampler from digital version)

In stock

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Artist: Düsseldorf by Night
Title: Images for Tape
Format: Cassette tape C-60
Label: Lamour Records
Cat nr: lamour013kz
Genre: EAM/Electronica

Limited 30 exclusive cassette with artwork by Esa Tanttu

Düsseldorf by Night (DbN) is the project of composer, app developer, and filmmaker Patrik Kristoffer Book, who has released music under various monikers and picked up some very prominent Danish filmmaking awards.

In DbN ”The Found Tapes Project” he use old cassette tapes found on flea markets and thrift stores and treat them as raw material in live electronic music performances. The found tapes are sampled, manipulated, processed and ”physically played” using granular synthesis and other techniques, to create obscure rhythmical structures, noises and drones. The album DbN ”Images for Tape” will be released 17th of July 2015 on Lamour Records.

Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Artwork by Esa Tanttu


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