Free Aktion – Rare Wild Blossoms (cassette + book in a bag)

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Electronic pop from Free Aktion via Half-Night (audio sampler from digital source)

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Artist: Free Aktion
Title: Rare Wild Blossoms
Format: Cassette tape + book in a bag

Label: Halft-night
Cat nr: HN08-CT
Genre: Pop/Electronic pop


A1 FREEE / Transformed into Flowers

A2 Call for Love

A3 Heart Movement

A4 Rhythm

B1 Like a Radio Song

B2 Service

B3 Next Door to Judgment

B4 where do we go from here?

B5 Distance! (Silence is Hate)


The album is released as a high fidelity cassette and a 48 page perfect bound book featuring work inspired by “rare wild blossoms” from 15 visual artists, packaged together in a hand-dyed one-of-a-kind cotton bag.

Limited edition of 100.

100% of the proceeds from this pre-order will be donated to WRC, an organization dedicated to providing supportive services, counseling, shelter and education to North San Diego County women, children and men involved in or threatened by domestic violence or sexual assault. More information at

ABOUT THE ALBUM: When the external world appears to turn dark, it is easy to find distractions that prevent us from going in.

“Rare Wild Blossoms” is an attempt to deal with the darkness or to challenge our perceptions of it. “Rare Wild Blossoms” is an exploration of how the healing of childhood wounds inform our understanding of the world and ourselves.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Ashleah Brack, Emanuel Cederqvist, Lisa Cobbe, Russ Cobbe, Kelly Einbinder, Claudia Faro Santos, Therese Frisk, Gabriella Hasslinger, Julian Klincewicz, Alan Nakkash, Dan Olsson, Oscar Ramos, Andrew Reyes, Derek Shapton and Sven Sjöberg.

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