Laughing Eye – Laughing Eye (cassette)

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Psychedelic rock and folk rock from Laughing Eye via Höga nord rekords (album sampler from digital source, 1 min form each song)


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Artist: Laughing Eye
Title: Laughing Eye
Format: Cassette
Label: Höga nord 
Cat nr: HNRCAS016
Genre: Psychedelic rock/Folk rock


A01 Florian 3:31
A02 August 4:43
A03 Thorild 4:22
A04 Salomon 7:05
B05 Agnetero/Huset 16:57

Cassette limited to 50 copies.

  • Artwork By – Danilo Stankovic
  • Mixed By – Hanna Östergren
  • Recorded By – Hanna Östergren
  • Written By – Hanna Östergren
Rooted in Swedish psychedelic folk music, Hanna Östergren (Hills and Träd, Gräs & Stenar) takes a creative new grip on the genre. Under the name of Laughing Eye, Östergren creates spiritual Nordic raga, or nature music that stems back to prehistoric ages. Höga Nord Rekords now releases her debut album. Laughing Eye is more than just music, this is a distillate of ancient superstition, fear, euphoria and nature romanticism. The sound edges on the upper tree line and in the closing track, “Agnetero: huset” Östergren takes a step off the mountain top, into space where the flute melodies float weightless to the outer rim of our solar system. Laughing Eye is deep, warm and embracing sounds for cold urbanized souls, a buzz or a murmur from the far past, translated to music we can interpret.

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