LEHNBERG – Morgondröm (cassette + download)

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Silk ambient from LEHNBERG via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version)

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Title: Morgondröm
Format: Cassette C45 incl digital download

Label: Tape Lamour (Lamour records)
Cat nr: lamour062kz
Genre: Ambient

A 01 – Morgondröm 8’29
A 02 – Tidsram 5’20
A 03 – Swimma 5’42
B 04 – Vågvals 5’11
B 05 – Jamuna 6’44
B 06 – Illusion Breaker 8’43

Including free digital download via band camp.

With the new mini-album ’Morgondröm’ (Morning Dream) LEHNBERG dives into a mental musical calmness where the rhythm driven soundscapes now completely been switched out for the stillness of the sun’s first silky morning rays which creates a silhouette to the dream like music.
The modern ambient sounds on Morgondröm can be described as a fusion of the softest of sound worlds, meditative states and thoughtfulness, where David’s wayward musicality is highly present and on display. That allows the experimental side of things to play a more audible role in both space and time.

In very short time David Lehnberg made a name for himself with his experimental electroica soloprojekt LEHNBERG, both as an energetic live artist and someone who delivers EPs and remixes with huge range both musically and geographically speaking. David has traveled around the world numerous time on his own and as one of the two members of the indietronica band The Deer Tracks, and this is where his musical inspiration comes streaming from.

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