Litany for Sleep – Skymning (cassette)

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Ambient from Litany for Sleep (album sampler from digital source, 2 min form each song)


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Artist: Litany for Sleep
Title: Skymning
Format: Cassette
Label: Litany for Sleep (self released) 
Cat nr: –
Genre: Ambient


1.Persisting Shade 04:26
2.Okända Former 06:01
3.Halcyon 02:25
4.Inroad to Ability 03:59
5.Vid Vägens Ände 03:16

Litany for Sleep is a collaborative project featuring three (mostly) ambient musicians. Hissquiet, King Weapon & Alpha Mound. With this project they came together to create inside of a cohesive idea of melancholy, darkness and ritual. Still with a airy and hopeful feel. The tracks and release mixes English and Swedish in the titles since this represents their respective native tongue.

”Vid Vägens Ände” translates to ”At the end of the road” the question is what is waiting there.

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