Llarks – Come and Close Your Eyes (cassette + download)

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Ambient from Llarks via Tape Lamour (Clips from digital source)

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Artist: Llarks
Title: Come and Close Your Eyes
Format: Cassette C45 incl digital download
Label: Tape Lamour (Lamour records)
Cat nr: lamour087kz
Genre: Ambient

1 Imagine
2 Come and Close Your Eyes
3 Allure
4 Ghost Lake Acrobat
5 Birdsong Blush
6 Phosphene
7 Squallflowers
8 Lullachime
9 Virga Blue

Including free digital download via band camp.

Llarks is back with his third album on Tape Lamour!
Recorded throughout 2018 these songs represent Llark’s music at it’s most beautiful. From the opening swirl of “Imagine”, the grand melodies of the title track, and the searing heartbroken guitar line of “Ghost Lake Acrobat”, Come and Close Your Eyes establishes itself as a simply gorgeous and heartfelt album. The atmosphere continues with the immaculate roar of the aptly titled “Squallflowers”, and the delicate chime of the equally apt title “Lullachime”. By the time the final drone of “Virga Blue” fades we hope you will be reminded that all forms of music can be a steadfast hope in the face of challenge.

Llarks is the ambient/drone project by guitarist & computer musician c.jeely. His music uses guitar, laptop & tape manipulation to create multilayered melodic compositions.
C has been actively releasing music since 1995 under previous projects Accelera Deck, September Plateau, The Trust Riots and more…

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