Llarks – Radio Starslide Forever

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Ambient from Llarks on a C-90 cassette from Lamour Records (audio sample from digital version)




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Artist: Llarks
Title: Radio Starslide Forever
Format: Cassette c-90
Cat nr: lamour039kz
Genre: Ambient

A-01 Phantom 

A-02 Vanguard Ghosts
A-03 Lemuria
A-04 Radio Starslide
A-05 Echo Ensemble
A-06 Thralls
A-07 Chrysalis
A-08 gold(II)
B-01 Through the Sun
B-02 February
B-03 Opal
B-04 gold(III)
B-05 Priest
B-06 Cloudwires
B-07 Llarks Crest
B-08 Embers

Christopher Llarks (aka c. jeely) was born April 1976 in Birmingham, AL., and spent his teenage years playing guitar and singing in a handful of local bands. It was in these local bands that Chris began exploring his love of melodies and ambient textures, and discovered inspiration from the fiercely independent spirit of early American Hardcore. Initially his sound was crafted and honed using multiple analog delay pedals, amp volume and 4-track cassette recording techniques. Later on, under the guise of Accelera Deck (1996-2006), Chris utilized digital sound processing to create an even more abstract sound. It has been the marriage of these two seemingly unrelated sound worlds that has given birth to Chris’ underlying philosophy to “always seek the merger of opposing ends of the spectrum, like the yin and yang, or the push and pull of noise and melody.” And finally, Chris created Llarks after a time spent writing, and rediscovering his approach to recording and releasing music. This is truly the sound of a man following his heart through sheer perseverance and twenty years of independent artistry.Limited edition of 50 cassettes

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