Slim Vic – Norr om Dalälven (romantikens farsot) (cassette)

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Ambient from Slim Vic via Do You Dream Of Noise? (audio sampler from digital version)

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Artist: Slim Vic
Title: Norr om Dalälven (romantikens farsot)
Format: Cassette C60
Label: Do You Dream of Noise?
Cat nr: DYDON C-14
Genre: AmbientTracklist
Side A Norr om Dalälven (romantikens farsot) part 1 28’12
Side B Norr om Dalälven (romantikens farsot) part 2 27’30Artwork by RolfCarlWerner
Mastered by Joakim WestlundNorr om Dalävlen (romantikens farsot) is a mental pendulum between a physical visible marking and emotional existing if so intrusive limit, Dalälven. Norrlands biological border and entrance. A romantic border and passage one goes home or away from.The foundation of the music created on a train ride between Gävle and Malmö in summer 2017. The summer was filled with fabulous trips with touring, particularly in Asia. The performance we were on our way to in Malmö was one of the last that summer, many place relocations had become everyday and a basic emotionally. The song is as much a soundtrack to the summer of 2017 but also an emotional imprint where the music becomes a stationary base in a disorderly life passage.Norr om Dalävlen (romantikens farsot)
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