Waterfront Advisory Board – Contemporary Chill Out Music (cassette)

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Ambient from Waterfront Advisory Board ‎‎via Purlieu recordings (audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: Waterfront Advisory Board
Title: Contemporary Chill Out Music
Format: Cassette inkl. download code
Label: Purlieu recordings
Cat nr: PEU021
Genre: AmbientTracklist:
1.Floating 07:49
2.Burnt Out Lighthouse 05:34
3.Helly Hansen 02:34
4.Deep Sea State 01:45
5.Beach Life 03:16
6.Board Meeting 04:26
7.I’m Sailing 07:52
8.Club House 07:10

‘Contemporary Chill Out Music’ is the premiere release of prolific Malmö-based producer behind names such as Benjamin Syra (Funeral Fog Records) and the other half of Död (Opal Tapes, SORES & Sound & Matter) where Jurko Haltuu takes place as the other other.

With looped textures and sparse melodies Waterfront Advisory Board invites you on a marine exploration. A rewarding experience for the patient traveler. These beaches are made for slow strolls, carefully examining what’s around, below and above.

Album artwork: Linn Schrab

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1,7 cm

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