Kajsa Magnarsson – New Age Sound Aestethics CD

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Electronica from Kajsa Magnarsson via Outerdisk (sampler from a digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: Kajsa Magnarsson
Title: New Age Sound Aestethics
Format: CD
Label: Outerdisk
Cat nr: OD 21212
Genre: Electronica

1. Play
2. Affirmation
3. Dancing with Voices
4. Chant
5. Meditation
6. Whale Stretch
7. Energy
8. Growth
9. Imperfection is Perfection

Kajsa Magnarsson, a long-established name in the Swedish underground, and with long tentacles back in time. For this unique release on OUTERDISK, we find Kajsa in her very best mood, where she conjures up an intelligent playful music, in the direction of new age, yoga, levitation and so much more, with many dizzying entrances, curved rooms, and smiling exits. In short, the seemingly tranquil contains, after the listener has fine-tuned their expanding senses, constantly new ongoing worlds within itself, given time. The wristwatches melt, up is down, and down easily becomes up again, as Kajsa continues to lead us listeners through her concentrated musical equations to the Land of Nowhere. And, as we all know, Nowhere equals Everywhere and more, so Kajsa is ready to take over our current realities, and the New Age is here to stay!

All and sundry, big and small, green and blue, are thus hereby welcomed into Kajsa’s musical spheres, where gender, colour and shape are totally subordinate to the collective sounding community shared by all. New Age rules, OK!

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