STHLM Svaga – Plays Carter, Plays Mitchell, Plays Shepp CD

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Jazz from STHLM Svaga via Thanatosis Production (Audio sampler from a digital source)


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Artist: STHLM Svaga 
Title: Plays Carter, Plays Mitchell, Plays Shepp
Label: Thanatosis Production
Cat nr: THT33CD
Format: CD
Style: Jazz/Impro

1. Jupiter (4:44) [John Coltrane]
2. Desert Lament (8:02) [Ron Carter]
3. Never Sound More! (10:02) [Roscoe Mitchell, Art Ensemble of Chicago]
4. Winter Rhapsody (4:01) [Per Henrik Wallin]
5. Die Rechnung – Chrystal Stairs – Blues – U-Jama (12:51)

STHLM svaga:
Linda Oláh – vocals
Niklas Barnö – trumpet
Gustav Rådström – alto sax
Johan Jutterström – tenor sax
Rasmus Borg – piano
Elsa Bergman – double bass
Andreas Hiroui Larsson – drums

Produced by Johan Jutterström.
Recorded and mixed by Niclas Lindström at Atlantis Studios, 24-25th of May, 2022.
Mastered by Hans Olsson, Svenska Grammofonstudion.
Cover photos: Hilding Mickelsson, Hälsinglands Museum (CC BY- NC).
Design by Michell Zethson.
Executive production by Alex Zethson
STHLM svaga commissioned Ron Carter to compose Desert Lament, Roscoe Mitchell to compose
Never Sound More! and Archie Shepp to compose Die Rechnung – Chrystal Stairs – Blues – U-Jama.

Founded by saxophonist and composer Johan Jutterström, the Swedish septet STHLM svaga
has emerged as one of the most intriguing and distinctive jazz ensembles of the 2000s. Their
expertise lies in crafting jazz with remarkably soft dynamics, resulting in a wholly distinctive and
captivating ensemble sound. Plays Carter, Plays Mitchell, Plays Shepp is their new release and
features specially composed pieces by three iconic figures in jazz history: Ron Carter, Roscoe
Mitchell, and Archie Shepp, penned exclusively for the ensemble. Alongside these pieces are
compositions by Per-Henrik Wallin and John Coltrane, all expertly interpreted by the ensemble.
Recorded at the renowned Atlantis Studios in Stockholm and mixed to analogue tape, the album
boasts an ethereal and intimate sound. During the recording of Ron Carter’s piece, the maestro
provided artistic guidance to the ensemble on site in the studio.

The result is an unparalleled musical experience, showcasing an innovative concept that pushes
the boundaries of jazz and post-bop. With this album, STHLM svaga is providing a fresh and
mesmerizing approach to performing jazz music today. It’s as if they’re encouraging us to listen
closer in order to hear more; to become more sensitive and thereby find more layers and

STHLM svaga plays jazz and free jazz music quietly. They work with the limitations of precipices.
Sounds emerge from the precipice of nothing and sit on the edge of existing. Here in this precarious
state, a microcosm of detail, expression and effort are magnified. There is an endless exploration in the
liminal space of becoming, sounding and decay.

STHLM svaga was founded by saxophonist and composer Johan Jutterström. Jutterström has studied
in Sweden, Paris (CNSMDP) and Norway and has an artistic PhD in music from the Norwegian Artistic
Research Programme. He has toured internationally with his group STHLM svaga. With most members
being based in Stockholm (except for Paris-based vocalist Linda Oláh), STHLM svaga have previously
collaborated with Carla Bley whom they commissioned the piece ‘Bells and whistles’ from. The piece
was released on Found You Recordings in February 2020, and the LP included liner notes by Steve
Swallow who wrote: “The psychological effect of STHLM svaga’s music is a delight: first there’s
disorientation, but then there’s reorientation, as you hear that there is, paradoxically, great power in
reticence.“ It got raving reviews in Scandinavian press, and the release concert received a solid 5/5
review from Sweden’s biggest newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
STHLM svaga is Linda Oláh (vocals), Niklas Barnö (trumpet), Gustav Rådström (alto sax), Johan
Jutterström (tenor sax), Rasmus Borg (piano), Elsa Bergman (double bass), Andreas Hiroui Larsson

For their new recording ’Plays Carter, Plays Mitchell, Plays Shepp’, they collaborated with jazz icons
Archie Shepp, Ron Carter and Roscoe Mitchell who they commissioned Die Rechnung – Chrystal Stairs
– Blues – U-Jama, Desert lament and Never Sound More! from respectively. Ron Carter also came to
Stockholm and joined the ensemble during the recording of Desert Lament for artistic guidance.
In addition to these three commissioned pieces, the album contains an intense (yet still soft …)
sax/drums duo-version of John Coltrane’s composition Jupiter, as well as a remarkable trio rendition of
legendary Swedish pianist/composer Per Henrik Wallin’s piece Winter Rhapsody.

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