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Various artists – These Clouds Are Real (Meschplan Elements, vol 1: Air) CD

10,00 (Outside EU: 8,00)

Only 2 left in stock

Various artist of electronica Meschplan (Audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)

Only 2 left in stock


Artist: Various artists
Title: These Clouds Are Real (Meschplan Elements, vol 1: Air)
Label: Meschplan
Cat nr: BORG 004
Format: CD
Genre: Synth-pop


1 Testbild! The Half-Finished Sky 3:13
2 Us & Them Looks Like It’s Clearing Up 3:18
3 Vacancy Moon Airwaves 7:04
4 Lisa & Kroffe Populus Tremula 5:32
5 Tenth Trainman 99 Air Balloons 6:30
6 The Old Garden Hear The Wind Blow 2:42
7 Civilistjävel! Järnnätter 8 3:38
8 Västerbottens Elektriska Sunbeam Kraut 2:48
9 Sven Rånlund Aer Canis 4:07
10 Unstrich Gastuba (Pall Mall Mix) 5:23
  • Compiled By – Mattias Jonsson
  • Mastered By – Tomas Bodén

Edition of 200

ART POP ECLECTICISM? Various artists compilations can sometimes feel scattered and uneven. For natural reasons. But surely a certain magic may occur when you place disparate songs one after another in an optimal order. Recently I created a playlist called Art Pop Eclecticism. It contained ”old” and ”new” music, in different genres, that worked incredibly (and unexpectedly) well together. It was inspiring and gave me a very special listening experience that I would like to bring with me to this project.

The setting and the framework can be ”artistic” and/or experimental (ART) on one hand. But on the other hand it can of course also be accessible in any kind of popular format (POP). And maybe it can also contain both sides of the coin, at the same time (ART POP). Several of the acts I asked for musical contributions to this compilation usually use a more or less electronic palette. But not all of them. So when these songs are put together, into a context, it will hopefully become an interesting and exciting whole (ECLECTICISM).

My initial idea was to put together four compilations that each have the four elements as their respective theme: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Not thee most original concept in history, I know, but not a totally bad one either. This first round the theme is Air. This theme can be expressed in several different ways and most of all in a associative manner. Air, wind, breathing, sky, clouds, vacuum, oxygen, atmosphere (but maybe not space). I asked everyone not to overdo or overthink it. If it feels difficult, almost impossible to link your contributions to the theme, then it is okay to solve it using the song title.

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