Beem – I AM SAFE SECURE ENCOURAGED (Picturedisc + cassette)

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Electronica & Skwee from Beem ‎via Ausland Schläge (album sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: Beem
Format: Vinyl picturedisc + Cassette

Label: Ausland Schläge
Cat nr: –
Genre: Skwee/Electronica

Tracklist (picturedisc)
A1. Helvetica (Feat. Bahamadia)
A2. Forward Moves (Feat. John Robinson)
A3. Wave of Gods
B1. New Voices
B2. Wave of Gods (Slugabed remix)
B3. New Voices (Dedekind Cut remix)

Tracklist (cassette)

A1 Helvetica 3:52
A2 Forward Moves 4:57
A3 Wave of Gods 4:42
A4 New Voices 4:07
A5 Jewel Case 4:26
B1 Wave Of Gods 4:08
B2 New Voices
B3 Helvetica
B4 My Fibre Cement Body 4:40
B5 Life-Giving Sun (Better Schools) 4:11

An electronic beats record from Swedish artist Beem, featuring rappers Bahamadia and John Robinson on two tracks, and stunning remixes by Slugabed and Dedekind Cut.

Beem, part of the Stockholm experimental scene, emerged through the micro genre Skweee – Scandinavian sparse electro RnB –  with fellow artists like Daniel Savio and Baba Stiltz.

The original album was released digitally in the fall of 2018. This vinyl edition is released by the Portland label Ausland, and holds 4 album tracks and 2 remixes.

It’s a picture disc 12″ 45rpm in clear sleeve. Mastered at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm. Pressed by Furnace. Release date April 5th.

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0,3 cm

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