David Granström – A Distant Color, Secluded LP

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Electronica/Ambient from David Granström ‎via XKatedral (album sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)


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Artist: David Granström
Title: A Distant Color, Secluded
Format: Vinyl 12″ (Gatefold)

Label: XKatedral
Cat nr: XK16
Genre: Electronica/Ambient


A1 The Other Side
A2 Approaching The Horizon
A3 Plane At Infinity
B Warning Moon
  • Artwork – Jordana Loeb
  • Composed By – David Granström
  • Graphic Design – Theodor Kentros
  • Lacquer Cut By – Dave Turner (tracks: Dave)
  • Mastered By – Johannes Ahlberg‘A distant color, secluded’ is the majestic debut album of modal harmonic topologies conjured by Swedish synthesist and sound sculptor David Granström for Kali Malone and Maria W. Horn’s highly regarded XKatedral labelGranström’s first full-length release firmly establishes him in a field of progressive artists who are generating beguiling new music from a rigorous mixture of algorithmic synthesis, 20th Century minimalism and medieval composition techniques. On ’A distant color, secluded’ Granström yields a technically complex yet emotively direct demonstration of his compositional style during four works ranging from a pulsating prologue vignette to a side-long epic, each built from the ground up with Supercollider software. This software provides Granström with an extremely fine level of control over the timbre of his sounds, which are often simple motifs, chords, cyclically layered into vast topological complexities and worlds within worlds that gradually emerge from reiteration and slight real-time shifts.Working within isometric and just intonation systems that connect ancient Indian classical traditions to medieval composition and late 20th century expressions of modernity by Cage and Catherine Christer Hennix, Granström’s music strives to collapse distinctions of time and place with absorbiong harmonic transitions that highlight an uncanny valley between the sonic laws of the “real”, or manifested world, and his resoundingly immersive spaces of minimalist, pure non- dimensionality.

    Between the concise flutter of illusive harmonic flux in ‘The Other Side’, the brazenly coruscating cadence of ‘Approaching The Infinity’, and what sounds like Autechre remixing Earth on the A-side’s ‘Plane At Infinity’, and the swelling gulf of ostensibly still (yet unfathomably deep) waves that crash over the B-side’s ‘Waning Moon’, Granström lucidly questions the listener’s spatio-textural sense of tone and timbre in a way that results in rich instinctive responses and encourages users to listen deeply to, and inhabit, the dissolution of perceptive boundaries.

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