Erik Enocksson & Kristofer Flensmarck – Signal LP

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Spoken word & industrial electronica/ambient from Erik Enocksson & Kristofer Flensmarck via Irrlicht (audio clips from a digital source, 5 min from each song)

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Artist: Erik Enocksson & Kristofer Flensmarck
Title: Signal
Format: Vinyl 12″
Label: Irrlicht
Cat nr: MAL 022
Genre: Poetry/Industrial electronica/ambient


A1 – Absolut mörker 20:00
B1 – Se gryningen / Seriell serenad 20:00
  • Mastered By – Sven Johansson
  • Mixed By – Hans Richter
  • Music By – Erik Enocksson
  • Text By – Kristofer Flensmarck
  • Voice – Maria W. HornSven Johansson

MAL 022; “Signal”, Erik Enocksson and Kristofer Flensmarck’s new collaborative work is an electroacoustic composition for voice and electronics – a contemporary echo of late twentieth-century avant-garde text-sound compositions – methodically burrowing its way deeper into a seemingly mundane existence, through alphabetical sequence, all the while revealing its inherent mystery:

All förlust / all ilska / all meningslöshet / all skönhe
All natur / all rädsla / all skit / all stillhet / all tid

Transmissions of a fragmented existential narrative, slowly torn apart by violent waves of static and feedback – together Enocksson and Flensmarck create earthshaking drone poetry.

“Signal” is released in collaboration with Anti editör, 2023.

Irrlicht [ɪʀlɪçt], an independent non-profit record label / book publisher founded in 2010.

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