Igor – The Unseen film LP

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Ambient and field recordings from Igor (Mikael Strömberg) via Erik Axl Sund (album preview from digital source)

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Artist: Igor (Mikael Strömberg)
Title: The Unseen Film
Format: 12″ red vinyl
Label: Erik Axl Sund/Slow Beat
Cat nr: EAS028/Slow 1901
Genre: Ambient/EAM

A. The Unseen Film A 28:01
B. The Unseen Film B 27:58

The unseen Film is an audio cinema where you who listen are your own director and control the action and pictures as you wish. The music is based on field recordings from St. Petersburg, including in Ortodox churches and around the Nevsky Prospekt boulevard. The idea is to create one “unseen” film by Andrei Tarkovsky; a continuation of stalker, Solaris, Nostalgia and the Sacrifice that Tarkovsky did not do before his too early death. So now it is your own turn to make the film and project it inside the eyelids, preferably in a blackened room. The Unseen Film follows a tradition of roots in Russian mounting technique where sound added to sounds in permeable layers. It becomes a kind of grading but in tones and environmental sounds

Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Artwork by Sten Backman
Photo by Britt Mattsson


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