Mathias Josefson – Night Is The Best Time Here 10″

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Sound Art from Mathias Josefson via Isoramara. (Audio clip from digital version)



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Artist: Mathias Josefson 
Title: Night Is The Best Time Here
Format: Vinyl 10″
Label: Isoramara
Cat nr: I0100
Genre: Art Music
Night is the best time here | it somehow reminds me of Earth is based on a scene in Andrei Tarkovsky’s classic 1972 science fiction movie Solaris. The characters in the movie try to develop a sound environment that resembles life on earth, which they miss. Mathias Josefson, in his turn, recreates and expands this. With shredded white paper, fans and a control system, he, like the characters in the movie, creates artificial and rustling foliage. 

Format: sound sculpture (
Edition: 1

Format: 10″ vinyl
Edition: 275
Listen to at low volume.

Mathias Josefson, 2010
Shown at gratudation exhibition at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.
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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 0,3 cm
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