Tvärvägen – At rest and in motion LP

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Modern classical from Tvärvägen via Hare Tracks (album sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)

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Artist: Tvärvägen
Title: At rest and in motion
Format: 12″ vinyl
Label: Hare Tracks
Cat nr: HT08
Genre: Modern classical


1.A love duet for fragile hearts
2.Phantom signals (Extended album version)
3.Each word is given space as if allowing for an echo I
4.At rest and in motion 04:56
5.The size, shape, weight and center of gravity
6.Each word is given space as if allowing for an echo II
7.Pulse and Thrum
8.Tvärvägen, Beem – A love duet for fragile hearts (Beem remix)

At rest and in motion. Alone in an apartment and weightless in infinity. Melody and rhythm. Accordion and synthesizer. Seemingly contradictory and defined categories, though they might as well be one and the same. On his fourth album as Tvärvägen, Henrik Öhberg has gone back into the bedroom studio, playing all the instruments by himself, after the venture into music for strings and piano on “This river so red”. At the same time he has stepped into new open rooms, expanses and spaces, where simultaneously familiar and elusive melodies and physically present acoustic sounds sails through modulating synths, echoes and freely flowing piano rolls.

The album features a bubbling remix of “A love duet for fragile hearts” by future funk Skweee pioneer Beem.

Piano, nylon string guitar, accordion, synthesizer and bass guitar by Henrik Öhberg. Written, produced and mixed by Henrik Öhberg except track 8, remixed by Fredrik Mjelle. Track 1, 3, 6 and 7 recorded at Bondegatan and Puch Studios. Track 2 recorded at Klippgatan. Track 4 and 5 recorded by Daniel Bengtson at Studio Rymden. Mastered by Claes Persson. Photo by Viktor Gårdsäter. Layout by Henrik Öhberg.

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