Mathias Zachrisson – Vågorna LP

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Indie pop from Mathias Zachrisson (audio sampler from digital source)

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Artist: Mathias Zachrisson
Title: Vågorna
Format: 12″ clear vinyl – gatefold

Label: self release
Cat: –
Genre: Pop/Indie pop

1. Horisont 03:25
2. Hemlig Källa 04:22
3. När Humlorna Somnat In 04:55
4. Vissa Minnen Släcks För Sakta 03:31
5. Vågorna 03:06
6. Nästan Där 02:49
7. Du & Jag 04:59
8. Vem Kan Segla? 02:25
9. Livet 04:26
10. Viktlösa Hjärtan 04:14
11. Din Begravning 02:53
12. Vi Ses Väl Igen? 05:51

This album is dedicated to Torsten Zackrisson, Marja-Leena Edsvik, Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Matthias Laading.

Vågorna is Mathias Zachrisson’s second full length album, a touching song cycle about the process of mourning. Fragments of memories portrayed reverently in both the poetical lyrics as in the orchestral arrangements, which capsules the suggestive and the romantic equally. It’s a captivating musical journey, created in the middle of the saddest part of saying farewell to someone you love.

Music and lyrics are written by Mathias Zachrisson.
In the song “Din Begravning” are the folkvisa “Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind” included.
Produced by Mathias Zachrisson.
The string arrangements in “Livet are written by Daniel Migdal.
The rest of the arrangements are written by Mathias Zachrisson.Musicians:
Daniel Migdal (Violin)
Brusk Zanganeh (Violin)
Erik Arvinder (Violin)
Riikka Repo (Viola)
Amalie Stalheim (Cello)
Erik Klinga (Drums, Percussion)
Philip Daveby (Clarinet, Saxophone, flute)
Tobias Wiklund (Trumpet)
Magnus Wiklund (Trombone, Bass trombone)
Adam Dahlström (Piano)
Julia Nilsson (Choir vocals)
Elina Ahlander (Choir vocals)
Mathias Zachrisson (Lead and choir vocals, Guitar, Kantele, Piano, bass, Mellotron, Percussion)String quartet on “Horisont” and “Hemlig Källa” are recorded by Linn Fijal at RMV Studio.
String quartet on the rest of the songs are recorded by Niclas Lindström at Atlantis Metronome Studio.
Trumpet, Trombone and Bass trombone are recorded by Magnus Wiklund and Tobias Wiklund at Solid Act Studios.
Piano on “Hemlig Källa”, “Vissa Minnen Släcks För Sakta”, “När Humlorna Somnat In”, “Du & Jag” are recorded by Christopher Göthberg at Sonika Studio.
The rest of the instruments are recorded by Mathias Zachrisson at Studio Lodet.
Sound design by Mathias Zachrisson.
In “Vissa Minnen Släcks För Sakta” are samples from the songs “Cool with you” and “Carry the Doubt” by the band “Her’s” included.
Mixed by Andreas Tengblad.
Mastred by Håkan Åkesson.
Design and artwork by Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard.

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