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WHATTODO – Readymade Leftovers & Scrapheap Junkyard (cassette)

6,00 (Outside EU: 4,80)

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Electronica and sunset pop from WHATTODO via Kalkatraz cassettes (Audio sampler from digital version)

In stock

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Title: Readymade Leftovers & Scrapheap Junkyard
Format: Cassette C60
Label: Kalkatraz cassettes
Cat nr: KTC009
Genre: Electronica/Sunset pop

Normal Position (Type I) c60 white or pink cassette + stickers.
Limited to 50 copies.

Tracks my side 04:04
2.annona squamosa 03:24
3.only one dreaming 02:27
4.above the clouds 04:04
5.satie 02:40
6.thru galaxies 04:30
7.addicted2 03:10
8.korina 04:13
9.transmission 01:26
10.rush 03:12
11.right now 01:40
12.every touch 05:41
13.david elsewhere defying gravity 03:36
14.ilikethisgroove 01:14
15.yourtouch 03:52
16.takeitfromme 01:24
17.tingtodo 01:58
18.loyalty 00:34
19.tearz 01:46
20.wait 01:38
21.w00ds 01:37

“A c60 cassette with electronic beats that makes you want to drive into the sunset and leave it all behind.”
– Lucky Luke [if he had a car instead of a horse]”

Kalkatraz Cassettes
Cassette label from the heart of Gotland.
Dropping electronic noise, experimental beats, time stretched live recordings and general midi-based compositions.

Readymade Leftovers & Scrapheap Junkyard by WHATTODO

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1.7 cm