Dee Grinski – Subspace (cassette + download)

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Noise, ambient and dark ambient from Russian Dee Grinski via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital version)

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Artist: Dee Grinski
Title: Subspace
Format: Cassette C30 incl digital download
Label: Tape Lamour (Lamour records)
Cat nr: lamour060kz
Genre: Noise ambient and dark ambient

01 Euthanasia Tourism 1’02
02 Subspace 3’35
03 The Dripping Sea 4’31
04 The Vivisection orgasm 3’25

Including free digital download via band camp.

Being both a member of industrial performance band Manukind and the only person in her own pop project, Dee Grinsky, wished to distance herself from standard pop forms and approach a form familiar to her, experimentalism, but at the same time trying to maintain comprehensible sound with almost no distortion.

“While creating the EP I was under the influence of the works of Marina Abramovic and William Basinski, the loop technique echoed my mood as I was going round in a circle.”,

Dee Grinski says and continues; “For me it was a small but at the same time intense work that is dedicated to such state of being when the pain has reached the point when you no longer feel it, and immerse into viscous feel of the depth, where there are no directions, no orientation in space. Subspace.”
It’s clear that Dee works with her material in a visual sense too;

“My visualization of this was inspired by the view from the airplane window, where in front of me the cold North Sea mixed with the blue sky and the line between earth and air was lost. A dripping sea of blue and gold. As I leaned to the insides of the airplane body, I listened attentively to the roar of the aircraft that sounded like giant monstrous strings.”

These are all things that come in to play when Dee Grinski creates her music as all 4 tracks on ‘Subspace’ are performed on the same analog string synth keyboard and diy modules.

“I recorded them in a row, following the order of the playlist and during one day. The things that are behind these tracks are me being a witness to a voluntary departure from life, human weakness, my experience getting pleasure out of pain and, what becomes more beautiful as I keep allowing to prosect it, love.”

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