Oskar Karlström – Urban Patterns (cassette + download)

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Ambient from Oskar Karlström via Half-Night (Audio sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)

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Artist: Oskar Karlström
Title: Urban Patterns
Format: Cassette tape in a box including booklet and postcards + download code

Label: Halft-night
Cat nr: HN12-CT
Genre: Ambient

1.Tram Part I 06:07
2.Walk Part I 05:56
3.Wind Part I 05:26
4.Tram Part II 07:44
5.Walk Part II 07:14
6.Wind Part II 03:02

Cassette tape, 12-page booklet in A5 format and four postcards housed in handmade box from Norrmalms Kartongfabrik. Limited edition of 30.

“I was on parental leave during the summer of 2019. My firstborn son woke up early almost every day. We went for early morning walks to the nearby park or the playground. Some days, we took the tram to my friend’s house to water his plants. Gothenburg was drowsy. Within the stillness, I sensed the energy of the awakening city. I started bringing a recorder to capture sounds that reflected our experience, but also sounds that offered a contrast to the recurring patterns. I was inspired to begin experimenting with loops of sound and wanted to recreate the safe and comforting feeling of the repeatedness. I asked my friend Dan Olsson to create a series of photographs of the places that my son and I had been visiting during our morning excursions. The field recordings and Dan’s photos became the starting point of this project and its three themes. I hope that you will find the urban patterns as relaxing and comforting as I did.”

Oskar Karlström, May 2020

Korg MS-20, Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1 and Yamaha TQ5 by Oskar Karlström. Mellotron M4000D Micro, Moog Sub 37, Roland Juno-60 and Yamaha Reface DX by Dan Olsson. Pedal steel on Walk Part I by Hamilton Belk. 5U modular synth system on Wind Part I by Jonas Odhner. Saxophone on Tram Part II by Adrian Åsling Sellius. Percussion and drum machine programming on Tram Part II by Hampus Öhman Frölund. Buchla 208r on Walk Part II by Jonas Lindgren. E-bow guitar on Wind Part II by Calle Thoor.Field recordings captured by Oskar Karlström in Gothenburg between June and August 2019. Additional reel-to-reel tape manipulation of field recordings on Tram Part II, Walk Part II and Wind Part II by Jonas Odhner.Mixed by Oskar Karlström at Mono Sounds Mk X, Gothenburg. Mastered by Hans Olsson at Svenska Grammofonstudion, Gothenburg.

Cover design by Oskar Karlström.

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