PRO424 – 424 1

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100% analogue electronica from PRO424 on a C-60 cassette from Lamour Records (sample from reel to reel master tape)




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Artist: PRO424
Title: 424 1
Format: Cassette c-60
Label: Lamour records
Cat nr: lamour035kz
Genre: Electronica

Each track was recorded on a C-60 cassette on the Tascam Portastudio 424.
Each track was improvised and recorded on one session.Limited 50 edition (first 10 comes with artwork by Pontus Liljeblad)
Mastered by PRO424Some people claim creativity needs to come from inside, that it can’t be scheduled. This would also mean that when creativity strikes, you’d have to catch it. I have kind of considered this to be true without really thinking about it. Earlier this year I figured I wanted to find out myself. I decided to take a couple of hours to improvise and record around 15 minutes of music on my Portastudio. I hooked up my hardware and didn’t involve the computer at all as I wanted to start up fast. No pressure, no starting points, just a dedicated few hours to improvise and record it. It turned out quite well and it took me in directions I would never have thought of in one of those ”creativity-struck-me-situations”! I needed an hour of music for a radio show I was gonna do so I figured I’d do this four times with one C60 cassette (which on the porta yields 15 minutes) for each session. After four sessions I had actually four pieces which was then mastered and stitched together in Ableton, broadcast on the show, and then released for free on Bandcamp. I showed it to Viktor and he asked if I wanted to release it. That’s when the idea struck me: this was recorded on cassette, the idea was to release it on cassette, so I actually had the chance to make an album which would never have left the analog domain. For me this was a way to connect to an era before mine. Where recording and releasing music wasn’t quite as easy as it is today. I remastered the album to my dads old Revox and from that master tape each cassette has been separately cloned. Don’t expect this to sound crisp or pristine. Expect lofi, noise, distortion, and all other lovable artifacts one would expect from a cassette recorded, mastered, and copied in a homestudio 30 years ago.

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