V I C I M – ademptus demere (cassette + download)

6,99 (Outside EU: 5,59)

Ambient, Dark Ambient and electronica from V I C I M via Tape Lamour (Sampler from digital source, 1 min from each song)

Artist: V I C I M
Title: ademptus demere
Format: Cassette C42 incl digital download

Label: Tape Lamour (Lamour records)
Cat nr: lamour090kz
Genre: Ambient/Dark Ambient

A1 Coalition 5’32
A2 Paysagier 5’36
A3 Breather 5’37 
A4 Architrove 3’38 
B Vicinity squares 18’28 

Including free digital download via band camp.
Edition of 50. Pro dubbed

Arlöv-based artist V I C I M premieres at Tape Lamour with his album “ademptus demere”. Former releases, ‘arid’ can be found on London-based label ACR and ‘convenience’ on Shimmering Moods (Amsterdam). ‘ademptus demere’ concludes and ties in with the two previously produced during a longer period of traveling and reflecting in undisturbed focus.

Sound-wise, we walk in the ambient-genre’s outskirts where sometimes industrial influences come together with both darkness and pleasure and the whole is dissolved in the final drone-work ‘vicinity squares’.

Behind the name V I C I M we find Linus Schrab which is one of Skåne’s most interesting names in the ambient genre where he released music in collaboration with Johan Fotmeijer as the duo Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet (Low Point, Lobster Sleep Sequence, for/wind etc.). Linus also runs the record label Purlieu Recordings together with his wife Linn.

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 1,7 cm

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